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1 Son and 2 Fathers

We just returned from a fabulous family vacation to Bay Area in California. It was full of adventures, learning, lots of laughter. While on vacation we didn’t pay much attention to the news, save to listen for the weather report, because anyone who has been to the Bay Area knows about its wonky micro climates. But I heard rumblings, of things, like a distant recurring nightmare, father, car trouble, hands up, tasered then shot, or was it Father, reading in a parked car, waiting for son to return from school, and shot, or was it a 13 year old boy with a b.b. gun. In Charlotte, no Tulsa, no Columbus, no everywhere. I didn’t know details, and I thought maybe they’re old stories being discussed as an example of why athletes across the country are taking a knee during the anthem. It can’t be another unarmed Black man shot, or was it 2 unarmed Black men and a boy? It was all a hazy nightmare, no way is it happening again, right?
So, we went on our merry way, a happy, loud rambunctious family, hopping around San Francisco, spreading our joy. I all but forgot about the hazy nightmare, because it was just a nightmare right? A dream, reminding me of all the recent past horrors. Because it can’t be happening again. ┬áThen our vacation came to an end and we are at the Airport, through security, sitting catching up with the world, and there it is. Not a nightmare, but a horrible reality, Tyree King, Terrence Crutcher, Keith Lamont Scott a boy, and 2 fathers, dead, shot by police, and I look at my amazing Black husband, and my beautiful Black son, and wonder how am I ever going to keep them safe?