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DIY Force Awakens Jess Pava X-wing fighter Pilot

Little Sonia wanted to be female X-wing fighter Pilot Jess Pava from The Force Awakens, but since she wasn’t a major character we couldn’t find a Jess Pava costume, her helmet is different from Poe Dameron’s. So we purchased a Poe Dameron costume and I got to work, with help of my sister and the internet, and altered the helmet to be Jess Pava’s helmet. Armed with Internet pictures of the helmet, white spray paint in a satin finish, and a small arsenal of Sharpies and Crayon a markers we made our own helmet. The result was a pretty good rendition  of the helmet. I think the accidental smudges, and bit of fading worked to our advantage giving it a battle worn look. Have a look, let me know what you think.